Message from the President

Welcome to the new APTA Vermont, a chapter of the American Physical Therapy Association! As you may know by now, APTA Vermont is adopting the unified brand that the APTA has developed as part of their strategic plan. The new brand gives us a stronger unified voice that will increase our influence and efficacy as the leading advocate for our profession. We are hopeful that this means a more consistent messaging for our members and an ease of identifying APTA Vermont activities and opportunities for engaged membership.

We began this transition with the revision of our mission and vision in 2018 to more clearly express what APTA Vermont is all about and what we envision for the future of our professional organization in the state of Vermont.  Through participation in strategic planning, we identified the core concepts of fostering community, nurturing partnerships, and promoting and advocating for the profession as essential to our work. The result? We think you will discover our mission and vision to be inclusive, empowering, and inspiring.

Mission: Empowering and engaging physical therapists and physical therapist assistants to advance the practice and profession of physical therapy and to foster partnerships that effectively promote the health of the community.

Vision: We envision a thriving association of physical therapy professionals dedicated to optimizing movement for the health of the community.

We have also been developing the chapter’s infrastructure to more effectively conduct our work on your behalf. We have developed and implemented a Policy & Procedure Manual, including complete job descriptions for Board of Directors positions and committees, implemented project planning processes, and invested in technology solutions for our meetings and continuing education offerings.  The result is greater awareness of the various roles and responsibilities within the chapter for current and newly engaged members.

And now we have begun a revamped and revised member communication strategy complete with a new monthly newsletter and process for more effective communication of our activities on behalf of members.

Our work is ongoing and there is still much more to be accomplished…with your help. With a new name and new look and new organizational processes, there has never been a better time to get involved. There are so many ways to contribute your talents and to match your individual interests with the opportunities to serve and grow with APTA Vermont! I invite you to reach out and take the first step.