Mission and Vision


Empowering and engaging physical therapists and physical therapist assistants to advance the practice and profession of physical therapy and to foster partnerships that effectively promote the health of the community.


We envision a thriving association of physical therapy professionals dedicated to optimizing movement for the health of the community.


APTA Vermont 2019 Strategic Plan

Goal I:  APTA Vermont will promote the value of physical therapy to all individuals in Vermont. (Public Relations/Communications)

  1. Develop and nurture partnerships to forward the mission of the APTA Vermont
  2. Promote physical therapy as a valuable service to impact the opioid crisis in Vermont

Goal II: APTA Vermont will foster an engaged membership to serve as an effective voice for the profession throughout Vermont. (Membership/Communications/Board of Directors)

  1. Increase number of engaged APTA Vermont members
  2. Provide opportunities for physical therapy professionals to engage in community service
  3. Develop outreach initiatives to students and new professionals to increase engagement in chapter activities
  4. Ensure timely and effective communication to members and non-members
  5. Recognize clinical excellence within Vermont

Goal III: APTA Vermont will strive to ensure a practice environment that supports accessible high-quality care for all Vermonters (Advocacy/Government Affairs)

  1. Participate in shaping legislation and policy affecting physical therapy
  2. Advocate for payment of physical therapy services.

Goal IV: APTA Vermont will promote the highest standards of physical therapy practice throughout Vermont (Education/Practice)

  1. Promote highest standards of practice of physical therapy
  2. Advance and promote lifelong learning of PTs and PTAs

Goal V: APTA Vermont will assure excellence and accountability in association governance  (Governance)

  1. Ensure for seamless transition for board and committees
  2. Recruit members to serve all open board and committee positions
  3. Increase and develop stable of leaders at all levels of VTAPTA operations.

APTA Vermont needs your ideas and your effforts to help with this important work!

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