Strategic Plan Highlight

We are going to be highlighting a particular goal or objective from our strategic plan about 4 times a
year here in the newsletter. The purpose is to provide members with a better sense of all the ways in
which your chapter is working to meet our mission and vision. We also hope that by becoming more
familiar with our plans as a chapter, you will discover something that you are passionate about,
something that drives you to do what you do, and to share your talents, passion and commitment with
the chapter to help us advance the profession and serve our community.

This time it’s all about ENGAGEMENT!

GOAL: APTA Vermont will foster an engaged membership to serve as an effective voice for the profession
throughout Vermont.

1. We are committed to more consistent and timely communication to members about our
activities – so that you can more easily find your “in” to contributing to the chapter and the
profession. We are on track with our revised newsletter format and email communications
strategy as well as our re-branding – which is now complete!

2. We want to recognize both commitment to membership and clinical excellence of our members
throughout the state, so at the APTA Vermont Annual Conference, we acknowledged by name
anniversaries of membership as well as new board-certified clinical specialists in our state. Your
commitment to the organization and to your professional development should be celebrated!

3. PTs and PTAs throughout the state give so much to the community, and we want to encourage
and celebrate that. We are committed to providing opportunities for physical therapy
professionals to engage in community service to serve our community in different ways and to
celebrate all the ways we contribute to the health of society. Stay Steady is a great example of
this, with 55 PTs, PTAs and PT students volunteering to make that event a success! More is on
the horizon as we develop partnerships with other organizations and explore other ways to
serve like Global PT Day of Service.

How do you want to engage with your profession and your chapter? In what ways can you share your
passion for this profession with others? We all have unique ways to contribute…what is your way to
ENGAGE?  Email us now to explore ways to get involved!